Association for Molecular Pathology


February 2011, Volume 17, Number 1


Hematopathology Subdivision Report

Charles E. Hill, MD, PhD

By Charles E. Hill, MD, PhD

Greetings and Happy New Year from the Hematopathology Subdivision! I thank Tim Greiner for his outstanding work this past year planning the sessions for the 2010 Annual Meeting. We had another year of excellent presentations on molecular hematopathology. Charles Mulligan and Elaine Mardis provided unique insights into the genomics of acute leukemias. The workshops were a resounding success and generated some fantastic discussions. We thank Dan Sabath and Erasmus Schneider for their great work with JAK2 and MPL, as well as Patricia Groenen and Dan Arber for an interactive workshop on Immunoglobulin gene rearrangements. The abstract presentations showcased some nice original work and Suzanne Kamel-Reid's Early Bird Session was very successful.

As the lines continue to blur between Subdivisions, we are working toward another Annual Meeting with the intent to have broad appeal to all members. The sessions on high throughput sequencing showed us that new technologies are having a substantial impact on all areas covered by AMP. Clearly AMP is growing in new and exciting directions and we look forward to a great meeting in Texas. Thank you to everyone who contributed suggestions and please feel free to send any feedback you may have.

Your representatives from the Hematopathology Subdivision for 2010-2011 are:

James R. Cook, Chair-Elect

Jane Gibson and Cyrus V. Hedvat, Representatives to the Clinical Practice Committee

Domnita Crisan and Rita M. Braziel, Representatives to the Nominating Committee

Y. Lynn Wang and Sara Taylor, Representatives to the Training and Education Committee