Association for Molecular Pathology


February 2011, Volume 17, Number 1


Program Committee Report

Jennifer L. Hunt, MD

By Jennifer L. Hunt, MD

The first order of business for the Program Committee for the 2011 Annual Meeting is to congratulate the Program Committee for the incredibly successful and well received 2010 meeting. The outgoing Chair, Barbara Zehnbauer, and the rest of the team deserve thanks and kudos from every meeting attendee, as we all enjoyed the fruits of their hard labor over the course of the past year. Other members who rotated off were Arlene Buller-Burckle, Tim Greiner, Dave Persing, Loren Joseph, and Steve Cook.

The members of the Program Committee for 2011 had already begun their work, even before the 2010 meeting took place. The members of the Committee are: Program Committee Chair-elect Dan Farkas (, Brian Dawson ( and Ira Lubin ( from Genetics Subdivision, Charlie Hill ( and Jim Cook ( from Hematopathology Subdivision, Randy Hayden ( and Lance Peterson ( from Infectious Diseases Subdivision, George Netto ( and Federico Monzon ( from Solid Tumors Subdivision, and Dawn Maghakian ( and Tad Holtegaard ( Technical Topics Representatives. We are anticipating another great meeting ahead in 2011. The beginnings of the program are coming together already, in order for early drafts to be created for meeting planning and getting speakers invited.

We think the AMP membership will be pleasantly surprised at some new and innovative approaches we are bringing to the Annual Meeting. There will be great content, as usual, ranging from cutting edge technology to practical advice and solutions for the laboratory. We will continue the long-standing tradition of inviting world-class speakers, who are experts in their field and expert educators; however, look for some interesting changes that we think will make it even more valuable to the practicing molecular pathologist and laboratorians.

The Program Committee is always looking for great topics, great speakers, and input from the membership. If you have not told us your best idea yet, please correspond with the Subdivision Representatives on this Committee!