Association for Molecular Pathology


February 2011, Volume 17, Number 1


AMP Web Editorial Board Report

Mary Lowery Nordberg, PhD

By Mary Lowery Nordberg, PhD
AMP Website Editor

We have moved into a truly interactive mode with the AMP Website. Selected members of the AMP Web Editorial Board now have the ability to author or edit a page directly in a web-enhanced template (cutting down on the back-and-forth emails). With the help of ASIP web staff, Chris Wallington, Alta Wallington, Mary Williams, and others we now have licensed copies of Adobe Contribute installed. After a few group and independent in-services, we have been instructed on how we now have the capability for rapid input and updating. Once our content articles are complete, the authors can send for "Publish", which will then be reviewed and uploaded for all to enjoy. There may be multiple writers, who will submit their content for review, and in turn submit finalized content to website publishers. This way, the dynamic, ever-changing world of Molecular Pathology can evolve at the drop of a hat (or a keystroke and mouse-click). Introduced to you in the previous Newsletters, the "Content" (or writers) team is comprised of representatives from each of the AMP Subdivisions: Genetics (Ron Przygodzki), Hematopathology (David Bosler), Infectious Diseases (Wayne Wang), and Solid Tumors (George Netto and Katherine Geiersbach). Other liaisons on the Board are Ted Schutzbank (Chair, Publications Committee and Secretary-Treasurer), and Alexis Carter (AMP Test Directory Editor). Our next big push is for content assignments and Committee/Subdivision liaison work. The Content editors will be soliciting content to fill the pages! Remember, the dissemination of current content is open to all within the AMP membership. You do not have to be on the Web Editorial Board to submit an article/topic of interest!

I thank members of the various AMP Committees who have agreed to be their Committee's liaison to the Web Editorial Board: Laura Tafe from Clinical Practice Committee, Sam Caughron from Economic Affairs Committee, Shelby Melton from Professional Relations Committee, and Craig MacKinnon from Training & Education Committee.

As always, if you have suggestions, questions, or want to be more involved, please do not hesitate to contact me or the other members of the Web Editorial Board! We will continue to give you more exciting updates as we progress.