Association for Molecular Pathology


June 2011, Volume 17, Number 2


Program Committee Report

Jennifer L. Hunt, MD

By Jennifer L. Hunt, MD
Chair, Program Committee


The AMP 2011 Program Committee has been very hard at work over the past several months, developing the program for the November 2011 AMP Annual Meeting. We are very excited to announce that there will some incredibly novel and innovative things happening this year. Honestly, it was challenging for our Committee to even come up with something BETTER, since we all think that the AMP Annual Meeting is traditionally one of the best meetings we attend all year. Keep reading to see what we have done to try to make it EVEN BETTER this year than ever before.

One of the things this year's Program Committee has recognized is that many of us no longer practice in one Subdivision area. In fact, many molecular pathologists now have multiple and diverse professional and academic interests that cross over typical Subdivision boundaries. We have also noticed that technologies are crossing over Subdivisions and that a single technology platform might be of interest across entirely separate and different analytes. As we began to put together the program for the Annual Meeting, we saw themes developing that would be of interest to all of the molecular diagnostics community, without regard for Subdivision boundaries. Based on this premise, the Program Committee has created a Meeting that will be much less Subdivision focused. There are more thematic sessions that we think will be of broad interest across our membership in the AMP. That being said, we did still find sessions that, by definition, were focused in one specific area and these will still occur in the Workshop setting where multiple sessions are running simultaneously. There will be one complaint that we have not been able to fix. Every year, we all find ourselves saying, “How can I possibly choose between two concurrent sessions when I am very interested in both”, and we suspect we might always feel the same way!

The Program Committee and AMP Council members have also recognized that last year’s Subdivision lunches were not only difficult to organize, but also created logistical problems for attendees (you might remember the complications of the tickets and having to pre-select where you would sit). These were necessary steps, given how large the Meeting has grown. At the same time, we feel that the Subdivisions have now grown so large and complex that having an open, interactive lunchtime discussion has become nearly impossible. At the same time, we think it remains a priority to enable open communication and interactive discussion between members, AMP leadership, and the elected representatives. Therefore, we have also significantly redesigned the lunchtime sessions to not only accommodate logistics, but more importantly, to provide a meaningful opportunity for interaction. The lunchtime sessions this year will be held in three different rooms and will include one room dedicated to a town hall format with AMP leadership, one room dedicated to member-led tabletop discussions, and one room as a general lunch gathering for you to socialize, unwind, or simply connect with friends.

Take a look at the Preliminary Program of this year’s Meeting on the AMP website. It is a meeting you cannot afford to miss! We think you will be incredibly excited about the innovative and forward-looking sessions which are planned. Block your calendar for November 16-19, 2011; schedule the time off from work and plan now to attend the exciting AMP 2011 Annual Meeting. It is sure to provide state-of-the-art education in a stimulating environment to every individual in the molecular diagnostics community.