Association for Molecular Pathology


October 2011, Volume 17, Number 3


Infectious Diseases Subdivision Report

Randall Hayden, MD

By Randall Hayden, MD
Chair, Infectious Diseases Subdivision



It is has been my pleasure to serve as the Infectious Diseases (ID) Subdivision Chair during the past year. I take this opportunity to thank all of the Infectious Diseases Committee representatives for their outstanding work, and in particular wish to thank Lance Peterson as the ID Subdivision Chair-elect, with whom it has been my privilege to work. Lance has contributed greatly to the development of an outstanding program for the upcoming Annual Meeting.

Changes to the format of this year’s Meeting, now includes Symposia, as well as the more familiar Early Bird Sessions, Workshops, and Plenary Sessions, has helped expand our presentation options. Each day of the Meeting has offerings that will interest practitioners of infectious diseases molecular diagnostics, starting with platform presentations of several outstanding abstracts on the afternoon of the first day. Friday includes a Workshop on anti-viral susceptibility testing and a Symposium on molecular diagnostics in resource-limited practice settings. Saturday, the final day of the Meeting has a second Workshop detailing aspects of the Human Microbiome Project and a Plenary Session on multi-analyte testing - an area of recent and continued growth and innovation. There will also be some excellent Early Bird Sessions related to infectious diseases diagnostic methods and practice. Finally, it is important to look beyond these targeted sessions. The Meeting has grown over time in its breadth, and many of the presentations, particularly the Symposia and Plenary Sessions offer much that is value across all Subdivisions, even if your practice is limited to ID. So, check out the sessions on next generation sequence analysis and regulation of LDTs, attend a special Excellence in Molecular Diagnostics Award Lecture, and visit the growing number of exhibits.

Of course, AMP is more than the Annual Meeting, and while we were busily working on the program, our other ID representatives were busy as well. The Committee on Training and Education has two members from Infectious Diseases, Melinda Poulter and Janice Matthews-Greer. This year each hosted a webinar for AMP that was attended by members as well as non-members. The first ID webinar was January 24, entitled “Rapid Detection and Identification of Mycobacteria with Real Time PCR.” This was presented by Niaz Banaei, M.D. of Stanford School of Medicine and had an audience of 239 people. The other ID webinar was presented on April 27 by Benjamin Pinsky, M.D., Ph.D., also from Stanford. Dr. Pinsky’s webinar was entitled “Testing for BK Polyomavirus” and had 155 people in attendance. Each of the Committee’s ID representatives will present cases at the Outreach Course on November 16, prior to the 2011 AMP Annual Meeting and also serve as judges for the poster presentations.

Finally, I need to congratulate our newly elected ID representatives and thank the Nominating Committee for an excellent job in recruiting an outstanding slate of candidates. Newly elected are: Thomas K. Huard to the Clinical Practice Committee; Bobby L. Boyanton to the Nominating Committee; and Paula A. Revell to the Training and Education Committee. Helen Fernandes is our new ID Subdivision Chair-elect. Join me in congratulating them as we look forward to another year of growth in the breadth and value of this important organization.