Association for Molecular Pathology


October 2011, Volume 17, Number 3


Solid Tumors Subdivision Report

George J. Netto, MD

By George J. Netto, MD
Chair, Solid Tumors Subdivision



For those of us who are “solid” molecular pathologists, the upcoming AMP 2011 Meeting promises to bring many exciting scientific topics and speakers. The field of solid tumors molecular diagnostic is seeing an explosion of potential biomarkers and novel technical applications that will continue to impact the practice of anatomic pathology and oncology, as well as, other cancer patient providers. With that in mind, issues related to test ordering algorithms, platform selection, performance characteristics, quality assurance, interpretation guidelines and reimbursement will increasingly come to the forefront.

For months, the entire team at the 2011 AMP Program Committee have tirelessly attempted to incorporate what we hope will be a rewarding educational Plenary, Workshop and Early Bird Sessions to address some of the above issues. A rich posters and platforms session also await those who will join us in Dallas in November with topics such as microRNAs, next generation sequencing, and circulating tumor cells to name a few. All of these could not be accomplished without the invaluable contributions of our talented AMP office staff members to whom we owe our greatest gratitude.

On behalf of my colleague Federico Monzon, Chair-elect of the Solid Tumors Subdivision and myself; I thank the AMP membership for giving me the opportunity to serve this year. We look forward to yet another successful AMP Meeting to build upon the continuous growth of our organization.