Association for Molecular Pathology


October 2011, Volume 17, Number 3


Whole Genome Analysis Working Group Report

The Whole Genome Analysis (WGA) Working Group completed a busy and productive first year. The working group is comprised of individuals representing diverse technical and clinical expertise in multiple aspects of whole genome analysis and reports through the Clinical Practice Committee. The working group has been charged to:

1) Assemble and contribute guidance concepts reflect AMP's commitment to excellence in the application of Whole Genome Analysis to various fields of molecular pathology and that comprehensively address the broad spectrum of complexities associated with responsible, quality provision of these services in a clinical setting.

2) Participate collaboratively in current conference-based discussions among various professional societies and governmental entities relating to development of standards and guidelines for implementation of this technology, and

3) Reinforce the importance of AMP's role in the evolving international discussions relating to adoption of WGA for clinical use.

In May, the working published an editorial in The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics which is a commentary on the Banbury Conference Center meeting on Personalized Genomic Medicine published in the American Journal of Clinical Pathology. The group is currently working on another more lengthy publication which will address current thoughts on the many issues associated with widespread implementation of next generation sequencing for clinical use including clinical utility, platform considerations, bioinformatics, clinical interpretation, reimbursement, and quality control/proficiency testing.

The group continues to strategically align its mission and goals to serve the needs of AMP, enhancing interactions with the various AMP committees, as well as professional societies.

Members of the Whole Genome Analysis Working Group:

Jane Gibson (Chair)
Nazneen Aziz
Pinar Bayrak-Toydemir
Philip Cotter
Dan Farkas
Andrea Ferreira-Gonzalez
Manohar Furtado
Timothy Greiner
Tina Hambuch-Hawks
Lisa Kalman
Roger Klein
Debra Leonard
Elaine Lyon
Ira Lubin
Karen Mann
Rong Mao
Narasimhan Nagan
Vicky Pratt
Iris Schrijver
Karl Voelkerding
Mark Sobel
Patrik Vitazka