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February 2009, Volume 15, Number 1

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Catalogue of Mutation Database Websites

The new mutation database is now available on the AMP homepage (  The spreadsheet listing the mutations is linked to an announcement in the “NEWS” section of the AMP Home Page.  It can also be accessed via the CPC webpage at
Should your favorite database not be listed please contact Iris Schrijver (

Clinical Practice Committee Report

Iris Schrijver, MD

By Iris Schrijver, MD
Chair, Clinical Practice Committee


Greetings from sunny California!

At our face-to-face Clinical Practice Committee (CPC) meeting at the Annual AMP Meeting in Dallas, we said goodbye to Committee members who rotated off and welcomed six new members. I would like to especially thank Vicky Pratt, outgoing Chair, for all her help in getting me up to speed, and outgoing Committee members Aaron Bossler and Julie Gastier-Foster for their service.

It has been a busy Fall so far. The Clinical Practice Committee continued existing projects and started new ones. Outgoing Genetics Subdivision Representative Julie Gastier-Foster has compiled a resource of numerous database websites for inherited genetic conditions, which has now become available on the AMP website. The Clinical Practice Committee will continue to collect database websites and add these to the resource over time.

Hematopathology Subdivision Representatives Dan Sabath and Joe Pulliam are working on a myeloid stem cell testing guideline. This will be a collaborative effort with CLSI (the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute), which is working on a technical guidelines document whereas the CPC will focus on clinical guidelines.

In a project originally started by Jan Nowak, Solid Tumor Subdivision Representative Bill Funkhouser is completing the creation of a standard for Microsatellite Instability (MSI) testing in colon cancer. A manuscript is almost ready for submission for review. Solid Tumor Subdivision Representative Federico Monzon is exploring a project regarding practice guidelines for KRAS testing.

Ad hoc member Ira Lubin leads a project on the reporting of genetic test results using cystic fibrosis mutation analysis as a model that has generated two manuscripts. The first, “Ordering molecular genetic tests and reporting results: practices in laboratory and clinical settings,” was published in the September 2008 issue of The Journal for Molecular Diagnostics (JMD).  The second manuscript is in press at JMD and will be relevant to laboratories in the design of their reports for DNA-based assays for heritable conditions.

Ad hoc member Michelle Dolan is leading a project regarding the analytical validation of genotyping assays. Together with ad hoc members Fernanda Sabato and Patrik Vitazka, she is developing a guideline/checklist to help laboratories with analytical validation. Upon completion of the project, this resource will be made available on the AMP website. 

Infectious Diseases Subdivision Representatives Donna Wolk and Belinda Yen-Lieberman are continuing two projects originally started by Aaron Bossler. Donna is focusing on quantitative reference materials for BK virus, whereas Belinda will be working on quantitative reference materials for CMV.

New projects for CPC include the design of a process for AMP to address clinical utility of molecular assays. This issue is explored by a subcommittee that includes Genetics Subdivision Representatives Murali Muralidharan, and Narasimhan Nagan, and Hematopathology Subdivision Representative Dan Sabath. With input and approval of the AMP Council, the CPC has also crafted a letter to the World Health Organization (WHO) in support of the creation of reference materials for Fragile X syndrome testing, as well as, other inherited disorders, oncology, pharmacogenomics and infectious diseases.

Stay tuned for future updates from the CPC. Anyone interesting in becoming involved in this Committee as an Ad Hoc member should contact me.

On behalf of the CPC, I wish you all the very best for an exciting, productive and successful 2009!