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February 2009, Volume 15, Number 1

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Hematopathology Subdivision Report

Kojo S. J. Elenitoba-Johnson, MD By Kojo S. J. Elenitoba-Johnson, MD
Chair, Hematopathology Subdivision

Happy New Year from Ann Arbor, the land of Blue and Maize and the home of the Michigan Wolverines!

I am excited to serve as the Chair of the Hematopathology Subdivision after having learned “the ropes” under the exemplary mentorship of the outgoing Chair, Dan Jones. I also thank the members of the Program Committee led by Jeff Kant. My thanks also go out to the other 2008 Hematopathology Subdivision officers, namely: Dan Sabath (Clinical Practice Committee), Lynn Wang (Nominating Committee), and Charles Hill (Training and Education Committee).  They put together an outstanding program for our 2008 Annual Meeting in Grapevine Texas.

A new special one-day symposium on Clonality Assessment in Hematopathology was featured this year. This highlight was moderated by Iris Schrijver and James Zehnder. The symposium covered technical, practical and interpretational issues in antigen receptor-based clonality testing and was very well received by the participants. Our Plenary Session at the 2008 Meeting featured speakers who provided us with insights on the role of epigenetics in hematopoietic malignancies. Jay Hess’s discussion focused around the mechanisms epigenetic regulation by modification of histone tails focusing on the example of the mixed lineage leukemia (MLL) gene and acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Guido Marcucci discussed the implications of structural and epigenetic profiles on the prognosis of AML. Both speakers were well-received and highly informative in their seminars.

Ramon Tiu and Harvey Greissman delivered excellent seminars on the role of array comparative genomic hybridization in the assessment of cancers with an emphasis on hematopoietic malignancies.

Our Workshop featured platform presentations from six speakers (Hunter Best, Alka Dwivedi, Frederico Monzon, Rana Saad, Janice Spence and Bryan Coffing). The topics varied from methodologic considerations and diagnostic applications of array-based analysis to immunohistochemical analysis of phosphoproteins in the context of myeloproliferative disorders. The group uniformly presented high quality work and stimulated vigorous discussions and audience participation.

During the Hematopathology Subdivision Business Meeting, we received a number of suggestions for interesting topics for our upcoming 2009 Annual Meeting.  Tim Greiner and I have started putting together a program for this meeting and would encourage everyone to forward their ideas for plenary sessions or workshop topics. Please contact me or Tim Greiner at ( with your contributions in this regard.

We look forward to your participation and are excited about the upcoming activities in the next year!