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Training and Education Committee Report

Jennifer L. Hunt, MD By Jennifer L. Hunt, MD
Chair, Training and Education Committee

>>AMP 2008 Young Investigator Awardees
>>AMP 2008 Technologist Awardees

The Training and Education Committee (T&E) thank all outgoing Committee members who contributed so much during their term:  Adekunle Adesina (Solid Tumor Subdivision Representative), Charles Hill (Hematopathology Subdivision Representative), and Karin Finberg and Hunter Best who were the 2008 trainee members of the Committee.  A very big thank you for all of your efforts and dedication!  We also welcome our new members: Linda Jeng (Genetics Subdivision), Greg Howe (Hematopathology Subdivision), Megan Lim (Hematopathology Subdivision), Carol Holland (Infectious Diseases Subdivision), Liang Chang (Solid Tumors Subdivision), and Jennifer Laudadio (Solid Tumors Subdivision).  We now have two representatives from each Subdivision to involve more members and to help handle our many projects.  New trainee members for 2009 are Allison M. Cushman-Vokoun and Kandelaria Rumilla

The Annual Meeting is always a very busy time for the T&E Committee and this year was a tremendous success, as always! 

The Pathology Outreach Course, which is held on the first day of the Annual Meeting, boasted the largest registration in the three-year history of the event.  The talks, which were expertly given by members of the T&E Committee, were very well received.  The format is case-based lecture, which allows for the attendees to see how molecular pathology can be integrated into the signout for the practicing pathologist.  Thanks to all the speakers: Adekunle Adesina, Matt Bankowski, Madhuri Hegde, Charles Hill, and Greg Tsongalis and to Karin and Hunter for leading the question and answer session. 

Another successful year for the Young Investigator Award, as well!  There were 21 applicants for the award, all of which were superb.  The final judging was very difficult, given the very high quality of the posters and the wonderful presentations that were given by the trainees.  The YIA winners for 2008 were Hunter Best, Catherine Krafft, and Christine Schmotzer.  

Our trainee members, Hunter Best and Karin Finberg, should be especially commended for continuing in the tradition of prior trainee members in hosting an excellent trainee luncheon session.  The panel provided insights, tips, and expertise to the trainees about the job hunt.  Karin and Hunter also began what we hope will be a new tradition.  Authors and publishers of the books on the popular molecular book list, which is updated annually by the trainee members, were asked to donate a copy of their books to display in the convention hall.  A drawing was then held to give the donated books to 30 lucky trainees! We thank the authors and publishers for their generosity in donating these fantastic textbooks. 

Finally, the T&E Committee has three new initiatives that are in the works for 2009.  The first is the establishment of a mechanism to connect trainees with programs offering molecular elective training in specialized areas.  Program Directors will be participating over the next couple of months to provide specific data for trainees who are seeking special away electives.  The second is a web-case series, which will be accessible as downloads (with slides and audio) from the AMP website.  Over the next couple of months, we will be seeking volunteers to prepare cases.  We would especially like to encourage trainees to write cases with help from a faculty mentor. More information will be forthcoming on CHAMP with specific details. The third initiative is to hold quarterly webinars to tackle current issues in molecular pathology.  The first webinar of 2009 was held on January 13: “JAK2 and MPL Mutation Testing in Myeloproliferative Neoplasms”, given by Jonathan M. Diver, Ph.D.  If you were not able to attend, the archive is posted on the AMP website.

>>AMP 2008 Young Investigator Awardees
>>AMP 2008 Technologist Awardees