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May 2009, Volume 15, Number 2                              

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Qiulu Pan, PhD

By Qiulu Pan, PhD
CHAMP Associate Moderator


I would like to thank the following people who have helped me in my role as CHAMP Associate Moderator. I am grateful to Shuji Ogino and Mary Williams for training me and helping with the procedures and policies of CHAMP, and especially to Shuji for keeping an eye on me while I am on duty. I am also grateful to Terry Dunn and Jeff Kant for answering questions when I have concerns about specific messages. 

As the Associate Moderator of CHAMP, I am now reading messages sent to CHAMP more carefully and completely than I have ever done before. I am aware of details that I would not have previously noticed. This is quite an educational experience for me.

I would like to once again remind the AMP membership of a few etiquette items:

1.      Molecular pathology is a diverse field and CHAMP represents people from different backgrounds. Please be specific in your posting titles so that others can easily determine if the message pertains to them.

2.      When replying to a topic author directly, please send the message to them and not through the group. CHAMP is meant for messages of common interest. Messages or replies that are relevant to a specific individual should be addressed directly to them.

3.      Please be mindful of patents and other intellectual property in CHAMP discussions.

4.      CHAMP is not intended for promoting commercial interests. Please do not attempt to use CHAMP for advertising your company’s products.

5.      Please use standard nomenclature when discussing genes so as to be clear to all readers.

6.      Please be coherent, use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Proofread your posting before submitting them. Keep in mind that this is a discussion forum for a professional society 

7.      If your messages are denied, please do not take it personally. Contact the CHAMP moderators or resubmit your messages if you think differently.

CHAMP serves an important role for AMP. I would like to thank everyone for sending messages. Please continue to do so and make the best use of the listserv.