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May 2009, Volume 15, Number 2 

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2009 AMP Officers and Appointees

Training and Education Committee Report

Jennifer L. Hunt, MD By Jennifer L. Hunt, MD
Chair, Training and Education Committee

In January, the Training and Education (T&E) Committee welcomed two new junior members for 2009:  Allison “Ali” Cushman-Vokoun and Kandelaria “Ande” Rumilla.  There were a number of absolutely excellent applicants for these positions, and we would like to thank all of the highly qualified trainees who applied.  It was a difficult decision!  We expect a lot of our Trainee Representatives, both in terms of representing and getting feedback from trainee members of AMP and with specific assignments throughout the year, especially at the AMP Annual Meeting.  If trainees have specific issues that they want to bring to the T&E Committee, please feel free to contact Ali ( or Ande ( 

The T&E Committee is very excited by the enthusiasm generated by our first Case-of-the-Month on-line.  If you have not had the chance to look at this very interesting and intriguing case, you can access it from the AMP website under “Education” or by following this link The Committee would like to thank Matt Bankowski (T&E Infectious Diseases Subdivision Representative) for heading up this effort and for being the first presenter.   Although the subcommittee that Matt has formed will be working hard to produce cases to post on-line, we also want to actively solicit cases from the AMP membership. This is a great opportunity to involve your trainees (residents and fellows), giving them both a great experience in presenting a case and also exposure in the molecular community.  Please send an e-mail to Matt ( if you would like to volunteer to prepare and present a case-of-the-month.

The other exciting initiative that T&E has been working on for 2009 is the webinar series.  Thank you to Linda Jeng (T&E Genetics Subdivision Representative) and Jennifer Laudadio (T&E Solid Tumors Subdivision Representative) for Co-Chairing the subcommittee for webinar series.  We are going to be hosting four formal webinars per year, covering each of the Subdivisions.  We thank our first quarter speaker for 2009, Jonathan Diver, who presented a wonderful webinar session on “JAK2 and MPL Mutation Testing in Myeloproliferative Neoplasms.”  There were almost 400 registrants for the session and it was very well received.   We will soon be announcing the titles, speakers, and dates for the Solid Tumor Session, Infectious Diseases Session and Genetics Session for the remaining three quarters.   If you have a topic or speaker suggestion, please send an e-mail to Jennifer ( or Linda (

The Molecular Genetic Pathology Review Course held April 30 – May 3 in Rockville, Maryland was a tremendous success, with 57 attendees!  It is clear that this course fills a need beyond preparing for the MGP exam.  Several came from overseas to attend this intensive and comprehensive molecular pathology course.  Many thanks are due to Kevin Halling (Director), Bobby Boyanton (Associate Director), the faculty, and staff for their hard work!  The lectures were recorded; the online version of this course will be available in July - see for more details 

Finally, T&E is gearing up to begin plans for the Annual Meeting.  We will be hosting the introductory molecular pathology course, which is intended to offer a special day of basic molecular pathology to pathologists from the local and regional communities.  The course will be refreshed this year, with new topics and a new format.  Look for more information on the course as the year progresses.