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May 2009, Volume 15, Number 2 

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AMP Web Editorial Board

Mary Lowery Nordberg, PhD By Mary Lowery Nordberg, PhD
AMP Website Editor

This month’s Newsletter shares with you some of the “behind the scenes” efforts we are making to enhance our web presence.  We have established a “mock site” to help us redesign and reorganize the website.  Unlike, this site will be run by multiple people, under a specific hierarchy, in order to allow each Content Editor to implement their own updates with greater speed and efficiency. There will be many writers, who will submit their content for review, who in turn submit finalized content to publishers. Efficiency is key, so our "mock site" will feature a sparse, easy-to-edit layout via Adobe Dreamweaver/Contribute featuring CSS. XML, Javascript and Ajax will also be implemented under Dreamweaver. Multiple monitor resolutions and the ever growing trend of modern mobile-based web viewing (iphone/blackberry) have inspired a more narrow width of pages of the in-process website.  Viewers will need to have javascript enabled in their internet browsers.  We are still working on establishing contribution privileges to members of the web editorial board.  It is my vision that each of the content editors will oversee members within their respective sections to provide timely content for these areas.   Introduced to you in the last Newsletter, the “Content” team is comprised of representatives from each of the AMP Subdivisions: Genetics (Ron Przygodzki -, Hematopathology (David Bosler -, Infectious Diseases (Wayne Wang -, and Solid Tumors (George Netto - and Katherine Geiersbach - So as we engage in this project, liaisons on the Board, Kathleen Murphy (AMP Web Library Editor - and Alexis Carter (AMP Test Directory Editor - will be working with us to push this project to the next level. We will be working together to integrate the AMP website, the AMP Test Directory, and other aspects of the AMP website to make it easier to navigate, so as to become a hugely powerful resource for all. You will hear more from us as we increase our operational capacities. Stay tuned for continued updates. If you have suggestions, questions, or want to be more involved, please do not hesitate to contact me or the other members of the Web Editorial Board!