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2009 AMP Officers and Appointees
Shuji Ogino, MD, PhD By Shuji Ogino, MD, PhD
CHAMP Moderator

Almost four years have passed since I became CHAMP Moderator. I have been enjoying this job and interactions with AMP colleagues throughout the globe. Since October 2008, Qiulu Pan has been serving as CHAMP Associate Moderator, a newly created position. Qiulu has been doing a great job and thanks to him, the job of CHAMP moderation has been made a lot easier.  Basically, the workload is about 60% of what I needed to do before. I would also like to express my special thanks to Jeff Kant, Terry Dunn and Mary Williams for advice on complicated situations I have encountered during my time as CHAMP Moderator.

Now, I believe the time has come for me to step down and pass along the opportunity of the CHAMP Moderator position to a motivated and talented AMP member. So, I will shortly join the alumni of past CHAMP Moderators, including Jeff and Terry. First, I would like to thank Qiulu Pan for agreeing to step-up as the new CHAMP Moderator effective in November 2009 at the upcoming AMP meeting. Please, join me in welcoming Qiulu as our new CHAMP Moderator!  

Since Qiulu was primed to become the new CHAMP Moderator, the Publications Committee recently initiated a call for candidates for the new CHAMP Associate Moderator. There were a number of strong candidates and it was a difficult process in selecting the best candidate. However, I am pleased to announce that Bernadette Wildemore has been selected to fill this position. She will officially start this new role at the upcoming AMP Meeting and at the same time she will become a member of AMP Publications Committee. Please, join me in congratulating Bernadette and welcoming her into this new role! 

CHAMP has been and will be a collegial forum for all of us. We hope that it continues to be an excellent resource for AMP members.

CHAMP Moderators are always striving to achieve the best service to all subscribers. At times we do not approve postings, but still forward them for a variety of reasons (such as a simple thank-you e-mail, a simple assay availability e-mail, etc.). Since there are over 1500 AMP members with diverse interests, we would appreciate your understanding and continued support.

One thing I would always encourage you to do when making postings to CHAMP is to include an EXPLICIT, SPECIFIC TITLE. This is particularly important considering that we will soon launch an archiving function for the CHAMP listserve; something that we have been long awaiting. Big Bravo to AMP office!  If you are posting a job ad, please put “Job Ad: Molecular Pathologist.” CHAMPers are busy professionals with diverse interests. Thus, it would be extremely helpful if the main theme of your posting can be identified in the Subject line. It would make it easy for someone to search for your important posting by the Subject line.  Please excuse us for occasionally substituting an explicit title if the title of your posting is vague.  Also please feel free to change to a more specific title if the subject matter has changed in a thread.

I would like to remind CHAMPers of the CHAMP rules listed on the AMP homepage ( Also, please feel free to e-mail the new CHAMP Moderator Qiulu Pan ( or Mary Williams ( if you have any questions. 

Please continue enjoying CHAMP!