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The AMP advocacy program endeavors to inform and influence public policy affecting molecular pathology.  AMP represents its membership to the federal agencies and members of Congress regarding professional and reimbursement issues - reaching out to fellow professional associations, industry and other association partners to accomplish common goals. 

In 2015, AMP plans to continue addressing many regulatory and reimbursement forces adversely affecting molecular diagnostic testing.In January, AMP released a white paper titled A Molecular Diagnostic Perfect Storm: The Convergence of Regulatory & Reimbursement Forces that Threaten Patient Access to Innovations in Genomic Medicine detailing these challenges and utilizes it to support advocacy initiatives.

Position statements, comments, and letters are usually generated by our Professional Relations and Economic Affairs Committees, though our Clinical Practice and Training & Education Committees do advocate in their areas. We invite you to explore AMP's Position Statements and Letters. For more information, please contact

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