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Economic Affairs Committee

Samuel Caughron, MD (Chair)
MAWD Pathology Group, P.A.

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economic affairs committee

Economic Affairs Committee

Economic Affairs Committee

The purpose of the Economic Affairs Committee (EAC) is to address, advise, and educate the AMP Board of Directors, membership, payers, legislators, and the public on economic issues of importance to the field of molecular pathology, to prepare documents of importance to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), and to develop and advocate for sound economic polices that promote the provision of high quality molecular pathology services.  The Committee's scope encompasses short and long-term issues associated with utilization of and coverage for billing codes used in molecular pathology, to the potential economic impact of public policy decisions on molecular pathology practice.  The Committee will interact with the American Medical Association and other interested organizations in order to achieve our common goals.

More information about the activities of theEconomic Affairs Committee can be found in the Committee Report section of the AMP Newsletter.