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Michael Lewinski, PhD (Chair)
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Infectious Diseases Subdivision Leadership

Committee/Subdivision Purpose and Responsibilities

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Rules and Regulations Affecting Clinical Laboratorians
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Infectious Diseases Subdivision

Infectious Diseases Subdivision


The Infectious Diseases Subdivision is comprised of AMP members who indicate that they have a professional interest in infectious diseases. The Infectious Diseases Subdivision Leadership has membership on the Program, Nominating, and Training & Education Committees to ensure the continuing education and professional development of those who use molecular diagnostics in the diagnosis and management of infectious diseases.


Everyone is encouraged to contribute links and suggestions for topics for the AMP Annual Meeting. Please contact either the Solid Tumors Program Committee Representatives or the AMP Office.


More information about the activities of the Infectious Diseases Subdivision can be found in the AMP Newsletter.


Committee Participation

The Infectious Diseases Subdivision has representatives on the Clinical Practice, Nominating, Program, and Training & Education Committees.