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Shuji Ogino, MD, PhD (Chair)

Brigham & Women's Hospital

Solid Tumors Subdivision Leadership

Committee/Subdivision Purpose and Responsibilities

Solid Tumors Links & Resources
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Solid Tumors Subdivision

Solid Tumors Subdivision


The Solid Tumors Subdivision is comprised of AMP members who indicate that they have a professional interest in solid tumors. The Solid Tumors Subdivision Leadership has membership on the Program, Nominating, and Training & Education Committees to ensure the continuing education and professional development of those who use molecular diagnostics in the diagnosis and management of solid tumors.

The Solid Tumors Subdivision includes a wide variety of technical approaches to pathologic diagnosis. PCR, FISH, quantitative PCR, cytogenetics are more or less standard approaches to solid tumor diagnosis. Additional technologies that are of great utility to the molecular diagnosis of solid tumors include tools for the analysis of RNA and protein. In addition, new approaches to the analysis of solid tumors include flow cytometric approaches to the detection of solid tumor cells in circulation, the use of imaging technologies to identify and analyze tumor cells specifically, even in a complex cell mixture and sorting technologies, also for the enhancement and quantification of tumor cell populations.

The recent advances in analysis technologies and the rapid proliferation of targeted oncology therapies has led to an explosion in the breadth of Solid Tumors molecular pathology. This section of the AMP website contains a sampling of links to websites currently addressing some of these broad topics.

Everyone is encouraged to contribute links and suggestions for topics for the AMP Annual Meeting. Please contact either the Solid Tumors Subdivision Chair or the AMP Office.

More information about the activities of the Solid Tumors Subdivision can be found in the Subdivision Reports section of the AMP Newsletter.


Committee Participation

The Solid Tumors Subdivision has representatives on the Clinical Practice, Nominating, Program, and Training & Education Committees.