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AMP Publishes its Vision for the Role of the Laboratory Professional

June 4, 2015: The article, published in The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics, describes the current and future roles of the laboratory professional as genomic sequencing analysis becomes an ever more increasingly important tool in diagnostic medicine.

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AMPlifications - June 2015 Issue

June 2, 2015: Read the latest on AMP's advocacy, education, innovation & improved patient care initiatives.

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AMP Launches International Affairs Committee

May 21, 2015: The AMP Board of Directors voted unanimously to launch an International Affairs Committee (IAC). The IAC stems from the International Affairs Working Group which, since 2010, has launched numerous successful education and collaboration opportunities with professionals and organizations outside the U.S.

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AMPlifications - April/May 2015 Issue

April 24, 2015: quick snippets and updates on AMP's initiatives in advocacy, education, innovation & improved patient care. This issue is full of valuable, actionable information.

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AMP Publishes Compilation of Current Research on Liquid Biopsy

April 20, 2015: May 2015 issue of JMD includes AMP article indicating that minimally invasive diagnostic techniques for cancer detection are promising and provide hope for enhanced patient care.

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Draft Colorectal Cancer Molecular Marker Testing Guideline Released for Public Comment

March 30, 2015: ASCP, CAP, AMP, and ASCO issued a draft of a colorectal cancer molecular marker testing guideline and announced the opening of a public comment period The evidence-based guideline will help establish standard molecular marker testing, guide targeted therapies, and advance personalized care for these patients.  More Information...

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AMP Submits Written Comments to FDA on Regulation of NGS Diagnostic Tests

March 20, 2015: AMP's feedback urges FDA to focus its attention on helping to ensure the performance characteristics of NGS instruments, reagents, and related software.

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AMP Launches Micro-Costing and Health Economic Tools for Genomic Sequencing Procedures

March 4, 2015: These models are available for free and can be used to effectively communicate the cost and value of genomic sequencing procedure services to Medicare and commerical payers.

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AMP at FDA Workshop on Optimizing Regulatory Oversight of NGS Diagnostic Tests

February 20, 2015: In its verbal comments to the FDA, AMP recommends FDA focus on evaluating and ensuring consistent performance of NGS diagnostic tests.

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AMP Incidental Findings Working Group Publishes Recommendations in JMD

February 12, 2015: AMP Working Group recommends that laboratories develop individual policies for analysis and reporting of known and predicted incidental findings.

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AMP and CAP Formalize Collaboration to Advance Molecular and General Pathology

February 12, 2015: AMP and CAP signed a memorandum of understanding to foster synergies between the sub-specialty of molecular pathology and the general practice of pathology.

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AMP Issues Position Statement on Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing

February 10, 2015: Updated position on Direct Access Genetic testing, concludes that clinically meaningful tests could benefit patients and consumers and should be made to the public, but only if certain conditions are met.

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AMP Expresses Serious Concerns over FDA Proposed Regulation of LDTs

January 29, 2015: AMP expresses numerous concerns with FDA's proposed draft framework including its interference with the practice of medicine and its potential impact on patient access to vital molecular testing services that AMP members and their laboratories offer.

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Revisions to Molecular Testing Guidlines Continues to Give Hope to Lung Cancer Patients

January 12, 2015: CAP, IASLC, and AMP have teamed up to revise the evidence-based guideline, "Molecular Testing Guideline for Selection of Lung Cancer Patients for EGFR and ALK Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors."

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"A Molecular Diagnostic Perfect Storm" Paper Released by AMP

January 8, 2015: White Paper addresses the convergence of regulatory and reimbursement forces that threaten patient care. "AMP is addressing the consequences of this gathering perfect storm of regulatory and reimbursement challenges directed against molecular diagnostic testing with recommendations designed to preserve patient access to these essential medical services" said AMP President, Janina Longtine, MD. More information...

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AMP has Strong Presence at FDA Workshop on LDTs

January 8, 2015: FDA's Public Workshop - Framework for Regulatory Oversight of LDTs, includes presentations by ten AMP members. Message emphasizes optimization of patient care through molecular diagnostics.

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AMP Comments on "A Modernized Framework for Innovative Diagnostic Tests"

January 5, 2015: AMP responded to specific questions posed by the U.S. Energy and Commerce Committee regarding LDPs and spelled out clear recommendations for ensuring patient care.

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